Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blonde moments

It always frustrates me when people call me a dumb blonde. It has come to the point where people make jokes about dumb blonde jokes. Seriously, the stereotype is unfair. But I have come to realize that I fit the description perfectly. I take forever to understand a joke, and do not know if someone is being sarcastic or not, and I ask the dumbest questions! I remember last year, when our speech team was coming back from a speech meet, my coach showed us where the CURRENT principal at the highschool went in the ditch some years ago. And I asked, "Did he survive??" Of all questions, that is what came out of my mouth. Blonde moment.
More blonde moments...

Me: Why can't I get the car to go? I am stepping on the gas...

Mom: You are stepping on the brake.

Me: How come the door won't open! I am pulling! Oh wait, it says push...heehee :)

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