Sunday, March 27, 2011

You know the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words". Well, I agree with this saying 100%. There is no better way to read a person's feelings than observing their behavior in picture form. Here are a few of my personal favorites. (:

"Hey everyone LOOK! I just rolled over!!!"

"Hey! No one is giving me bunny ears!!!

Oh, nevermind!!!!!"

"Oh my gosh......this is SO cool!"

"AHHHH we are so excited!" "No way! It's just what I wanted!!!!" This here was supposed to be a nice picture, but we got distracted by the little girly in the window waving at us! "Awww how cute!!!"

"Dang it!!! She found us....."

"OOOHHH MY GOSH!!! For me?!?! You shouldn't have!!!"

"Jeff: what a good movie!"

Lydia: wow....this is dumb."

"Ugh! I never get what I want!"

One word......"Busted!!!"


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